Head of Business Services

Babban Gona

Babban Gona

Posted on Monday, September 11, 2023

Job Description

Who we are

Babban Gona is an award-winning, high impact, financially sustainable and highly scalable social enterprise, part-owned by the farmers we serve. Babban Gona, was created to attract youth to agriculture specifically and away from the looming instability of extremist groups.
We accomplish this by franchising thousands of farmer cooperatives across Nigeria, dramatically increasing the profitability of the smallholder members 2.5 times above the national average. This dramatic increase in net income is accomplished by delivering an integrated holistic package of training, farm inputs and marketing services, on credit. Babban Gona has been able to deliver this credit while maintaining one of the highest repayment rates in the world, currently above 99%, leveraging our comprehensive 8 levels of risk mitigation.
We developed the model with our partners that include His Highness Muhammad Sanusi II, the Sarkin (Emir) Kano, Nestle, IITA, DfID, USAID, GIZ, AGRA, BMGF, Skoll, Kiva, FMCB, Mulago, GIF and Rockefeller Foundation amongst others.
Job Summary
  • The holder of this position will be responsible for the coordination and provision of HR, Talent Management, Procurement, Health and Safety and Administrative support across the business.
  • This role will also be involved in shaping the work environment, setting strategy, allocating resources, developing managers, building the organization, and overseeing operations.
  • As the Head of Business Services, you will make an important contribution to the culture within the key business service units, which is customer focused, solution oriented and responsive to the needs of the wider business.
  • You will be working closely with the Unit Heads of these Business Units on strategic development of their units, including assessing the current and future needs of the business and ensuring the skills and resources within these units will be able to meet those needs.
Key Responsibilities
  • Design and implement business strategies, plans and procedures.
  • Set comprehensive goals for performance and growth, translating strategy into actionable steps.
  • Establish and lead the execution of policies that promote company culture and growth.
  • Oversee daily operations of the Business Services Team(HR, Administration, Talent Management, Procurement,etc.)
  • Build and maintain trusting relationships with partners, vendors and other stakeholders.
  • Oversee employee productivity and engagement, building a highly inclusive culture that ensures members of the team can thrive and organizational goals are met.
  • Ensure effective recruiting, onboarding, performance management, capacity development and retention.
  • Establishes departmental programs and budgets for the maintenance, replacement, and improvement of materials.
  • Discover profitable suppliers and initiate business and organization partnerships.
  • Approve the ordering of necessary goods and services.
  • Liaise and manage the interactions with our external providers, coordinating
  • the review of and input to all legal documentation. This will include documentation relating to procurement contracts with customers.
  • Identify and recommend reasonable short- and long-term goals, milestones, and benchmarks for key performance metrics.
  • Work closely with the ESG unit to ensure Babban Gona has a robust Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) as well as is in compliance with Labour Standard, OHS etc.
  • Evaluate organizational performance reviews to understand units that are struggling and curate intervention plans.
  • Oversees the development, inspection, and enforcement of the standards by which materials are procured, accounted for, issues, maintained and repaired.
  • Work closely with the Data Protection Officer to ensure Babban Gona is fully compliant with all Data Protections Policies and guidelines.
  • Build strong and collaborative relationships with other internal stakeholders
  • Assess and implement improved processes and new technologies, and collaborate with management regarding the implementation of these improvements.
Reporting Line
  • This role reports to the Managing Director


  • Holds a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in a Business Administration or related field.
  • At least 10 years’ prior experience managing a complex enterprise's human resources, finances, operations, and strategies.
  • Proven track record of managing multiple business units.
  • Good working knowledge of the General Data Protection Regulation, including identifying the appropriate legal basis for processing personal data and an awareness of the potential issues we might face, particularly when outsourcing aspects of our services
  • Good working knowledge of Health and Safety legislation in relation to an office environment.
  • Experience of working with contract documentation such as contracts of employment, legal agreements and data processing agreements, including liaison with external experts as appropriate.
  • Excellent organizational, planning and project management skills.
  • The ability to work analytically and proactively to identify potential issues, then shaping and providing options to address those issues.
  • Excellent time management skills and the ability to work to strict deadlines.
  • A hands-on approach, leading by example.
  • Commercial awareness, with a customer-focused outlook.
  • Excellent team working and communication skills, including report writing.
  • Proficiency with MS Office Suite.
  • A passion for improving people's lives.
  • Must be willing to travel to the Northern parts and other locations in Babban Gona
Start Up Environment
Thrives in a fast-paced, start-up environment with dynamic business priorities.
Work Location
This role would be based in Lagos.


  • Competitive salary
  • Health Insurance
  • Pension
  • Performance Bonus
  • Annual paid vacation
  • Group Life Insurance