Credit Risk Analyst

Bidhaa Sasa

Bidhaa Sasa

Accounting & Finance · Full-time
Posted on Thursday, June 13, 2024

About the role:

The Credit Risk Analyst will manage the second line of defence functions for the business. Beside a focus on credit risk, they also need to have an eye on operational and behaviour risks across several business functions. The hire will implement and improve on existing risk management and control processes. They will monitor performance and compliance metrics against established standards. The hire will also manage a team of remote customer support agents providing credit and risk data, as well as external enumerators in ad hoc basis.

This is a mid-level role where you will report directly to one of the directors of Bidhaa Sasa.

Key tasks and deliverables of the role:

Data gathering and analysis:

  • Combine and analyse client repayment and other data to:
  1. Conduct compliance checks to ensure that field staff adhere to standard business processes and policies.
  2. Regularly assess the risk profiles of credit portfolios, identifying potential vulnerabilities and risk factors.
  3. Identify and measure operational risks incurred by field teams by monitoring behavioural patterns to detect early signs of fraud, default, or misuse of company resources.
  4. Lead incident investigations by conducting a root cause analysis and collaborate with HR team in case of disciplinary processes and hearings.
  • This data is coming from a variety of sources, some will have to be obtained directly or indirectly by the Credit Risk Analyst by:
  1. Gathering data from the ERP
  2. Managing the customer support team to collect data from calls with clients on client repayments including reputation and fraud risks.
  3. Recruiting and manage external enumerators to:
  4. Conduct mystery shopper exercises regularly to collect data from different stakeholders
  5. Conduct regular internal audits of the company procedures and practices to identify possible weaknesses or risks.

Process, reviews and reporting:

  • Prepare regular reports for senior management on the status of risks, the effectiveness of mitigation strategies, and recommendations for improvements.
  • Suggest new controls to mitigate those risks. Together with the founders and other senior staff regularly participate in reviews of the processes and policies for the sales and other field teams to suggest changes of processes and policies, as well as provide training support for field teams.

Desired Qualifications and Experience:

  • A background in credit management, data analysts, statistics or mathematics, economics.
  • Proven experience in credit management, preferably in a setting involving consumer lending or micro-finance.
  • Experience in setting up robust compliance and quality control systems that can preemptively identify and address potential risks.
  • Familiarity with rural financial ecosystems and the challenges associated with them.

Skills and Competencies:

  • Proficient in data analysis tools and software that aid in monitoring and evaluating financial activities.
  • Strong analytical skills to assess risk profiles and predict potential issues.
  • Excellent communication skills to effectively manage the call centre team and ensure they are proactive in identifying fraud and managing arrears.
  • Problem-solving skills to devise strategies that mitigate risks.

Leadership and Training:

  • Ability to lead and train a team, especially in a call centre environment where the focus is on customer interaction and risk identification.
  • Skills in working with various stakeholders, including product teams, customer service, and external partners, to integrate risk management across different facets of the business.
  • Skills in developing risk management protocols and training materials for ongoing staff education.
Bidhaa Sasa is an equal opportunity employer.