Student-Wolak Learning Fellow or Major Ambassador

Global Education Movement at Southern New Hampshire University

Global Education Movement at Southern New Hampshire University

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New Hampshire, USA
Posted on Saturday, January 27, 2024

Southern New Hampshire University is a team of innovators. World changers. Individuals who believe in progress with purpose. Since 1932, our people-centered strategy has defined us — and helped us grow a team that now serves over 180,000 learners worldwide.

Our mission to transform lives is made possible by talented people who bring diverse industry experience, backgrounds and skills to the university. And today, we're ready to expand our reach. All we need is you.

The opportunity

SNHU Learner Engagement and Academic Innovation


Southern New Hampshire University is currently seeking student employees on the Learner Engagement and Academic Innovation Team to be part of either the Wolak Learning Fellows program or the Major Ambassadors program. NOTE: YOU MUST BE RECOMMENDED FOR THESE POSITIONS BY A FACULTY MEMBER.


Wolak Learning Fellows is a program where students employees are selected to help support teaching and learning in a class where many students typically struggle. This is an excellent leadership opportunity that can help you in graduate school applications and in applying for jobs. Learn more about Learning Fellows by visiting the LEAI Sharepoint.

Please note:

  • You must be invited to participate in this program.
  • This position is different from the Peer Educator position through the Wolak Learning Center.
  • You must complete the attached survey if applying to be a Learning Fellow, or your application will not be considered: Learning Fellows Survey

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Take SNHU398: Design Thinking and Learning Pedagogy. This course meets a general education capstone course requirement.
  • Apply 398 content/concepts to improve class culture, engagement, and assessment.
  • Partner with faculty and other Wolak Learning Fellows on addressing course needs.
  • Assist students in the classroom academically to improve their subject knowledge.
  • Attend all assigned class periods.
  • Attend assigned class huddles (1 hour per week) where you share your observations from class and plan for future instruction.
  • Arrive on time and prepared for all scheduled meetings.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Enrollment in an Undergraduate On-Campus Day program at SNHU.
  • Recommendation from a faculty member to be part of Learning Fellows program.
  • Earn a B or better in the class that you will be supporting.
  • Attendance, punctuality, and reliability are essential functions of this role.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Patient, detail-oriented, compassionate, helpful.
  • Interested in improving teaching and learning.

Work Hours:

  • You will attend every session of one course where you are a Learning Fellow. ( about 2.5 hours a week)
  • You will attend one weekly huddle with your team. (about 1 hour a week)
  • You may have the option to be a Learning Fellow in more than one section of the class or more than one class.


  • You must complete the attached survey if applying to be a Learning Fellow, or your application will not be considered: Learning Fellows Survey


Major Ambassadors are upper-class student mentors who can help first-year students to feel welcome and connected to their major on campus. The goal is to hire two major ambassadors for every major SNHU offers on-campus. A Major Ambassador’s job is to make sure an incoming student meets the faculty and those who support the field. The goal is for all students to have a constellation of support on campus within their first year.

Please note:

  • You must be invited to participate in this program.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Attend a weekly one-hour bi-weekly meeting to gain leadership skills and plan events.
  • Collaborate with the chair of the department (or their designee) to create a calendar of events that will help students network with their faculty, staff and students who are part of their major.
  • Promote events for the major, including Brightspace and social media.
  • Attend and plan events meant to welcome students to their field of study (science, humanities).
  • Facilitate workshops alongside faculty advisors prior to registration.
  • Hold drop-in hours around campus for students to come in and talk about their majors.
  • Other duties, responsibilities or activities may be assigned at any time.
  • Provide feedback to faculty and the team to help meet students’ needs.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Be an upper-class student enrolled in an Undergraduate On Campus Day program at SNHU.

We believe real innovation comes from inclusion - where different experiences, perspectives and talents are celebrated. So if you're wondering whether SNHU is right for you, take the leap and apply. You might be just the person we're looking for.