","datePosted":"2023-07-22T11:22:42.453Z","validThrough":"2023-11-23","employmentType":[],"hiringOrganization":{"@type":"Organization","name":"IDinsight","description":"IDinsight in Zambia to pilot and test an innovative approach to building information systems to track progress on issues immediately and directly relevant to citizens, such as health, education or agriculture. The approach – Nano Information Systems – will produce cheaper, faster, and more user-friendly information systems to ensure better execution on the ground and improved performance of local level officials.","numberOfEmployees":389,"address":[{"address":{"@type":"PostalAddress","addressLocality":"New Delhi, Delhi, India"}},{"address":{"@type":"PostalAddress","addressLocality":"Rajasthan, India"}}],"sameAs":"https://idinsight.org","url":"https://idinsight.org","logo":"https://cdn.getro.com/companies/769fb0f3-cb7a-5101-99e4-0e957a4c7b9e","memberOf":{"@type":"Organization","name":"RippleWorks","description":"The RippleWorks Expert Network connects leading expertise from Silicon Valley and the US tech sector with promising social enterprises around the world.","logo":"https://cdn.filestackcontent.com/hyidKw3rRduRqlScswaw","url":"careers.rippleworks.org"},"keywords":"Government and Military, Health, Information Technology, Software"}}

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Posted on Saturday, July 22, 2023
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Join our impact-focused team.

A passionate community of leaders

IDinsight seeks dynamic teammates who are passionate about large-scale social impact. IDinsight colleagues are humble, service-driven, analytical, personable, and thrive in dynamic, entrepreneurial settings. Our roles are demanding and require a meaningful commitment that, coupled with training and mentorship, yields considerable personal and professional growth.

IDinsight is committed to building a diverse team and creating an equitable and inclusive professional experience for each of its team members. We understand the value of diverse perspectives to make the best decisions as well as the importance of deep contextual knowledge for the work we do.

IDinsight is committed to providing a safe and dignity-affirming work environment for all. This is part of IDinsight’s commitment to non-discrimination in our recruitment, employment practices, and organizational culture, regardless of people’s age, disability, gender, gender identity, race, national origin, caste, religion or belief, or sexual orientation, or any other status protected by applicable law.


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Why join IDinsight?


We have a deeply ingrained mission to generate and use rigorous evidence. We think critically about our allocation of time and resources to have the greatest possible influence. When choosing projects, we carefully consider where we can use the most cutting edge, creative approaches to support our clients’ most critical decisions and only accept work that has high impact potential.


Through our fast growth and constant process of learning, staff members at all levels have the opportunity to shape IDinsight’s future and strategic impact. Teammates take ownership of big, important decisions, whether in the field, in the client boardroom, or in internal initiatives to build our organization. As an organization, we invest in great systems and processes and bring best-in-class practices from the private and social sectors into our work, to help people do their jobs well.

Community of Leaders

IDinsighters live our values both in client settings and in how we interact with one another. We are like-minded in our curiosity about the world. We hire highly capable individuals who are driven to improve themselves as well as the world around them. Each employee maintains a detailed professional development plan and is encouraged to pursue “stretch” opportunities designed to build on their strengths and gain exposure.