Data Engineer



Software Engineering, Data Science
Mexico City, Mexico
Posted on Monday, May 29, 2023

About us

We are a financial technology company dedicated to supporting small and medium-sized companies in Mexico, developing and offering solutions to solve their main problems, and seeking to be the best ally of entrepreneurs with dreams and ambitions to create value, consolidate their well-being and contribute to the community, the country and the planet.

The role:

A Data Engineer has knowledge and experience on Big Data, Databases, Datamarts and Data Warehouse systems. Within this role, the data engineer is part of a Squad or team, which is focused on understanding the customer’s pain and working with Product and Cloud teams directly to build the most optimal data experience; once this is defined, the data engineer is responsible to implement this solution following the platform’s and data engineering best practices to deliver ETL code and data processes with quality, security and performance. This role has to have the knowledge, breadth, and proficiency in delivering ETLs within its end-to-end life cycle; should be able to work independently with little supervision. Should have excellent organization and problem-solving skills. Also being able to drive the code change and release management processes, assisting with the overall maturity of the software development lifecycle. A data engineer is a technical professional who is responsible for the design, creation, maintenance, and management of large-scale data processing systems and infrastructure. Their primary focus is on ensuring the reliability, efficiency, and scalability of data pipelines and data warehouses. Overall, a data engineer builds and maintains the infrastructure and processes that allow organizations to collect, store, process, and analyze large amounts of data effectively and efficiently.

What will you be doing?

  • Data Integration from multiple data sources
  • Data Mining and data preparation
  • Data Transformation based on Technical and business rules
  • Data Pipelines for data extraction and Ingestion
  • ERMs and Data Modeling
  • Data consumption sizing and testing for final layer performance (Tableau)
  • The Data Engineer within the squad should be involved in any kind of process definitions since they better understand data flows , pipes , dependencies, data development implications and technical capabilities (storage / processing / replications / tools etc)
  • They are also responsible for best practices on Ingestions, ETLs, Temporal tables, views, store procedures , data marts and or semantic integrations. They will be responsible along with the tribe of data consistency, data integrity, completeness , usability and data quality-governance initiatives in general.
  • The Data Engineer within the tribe / Squad should work closely with the data analysts and data scientists to enable the data discovery and data preparation processes.
  • Data Integration: They work to integrate data from various sources such as databases, APIs, flat files, and streaming data sources.
  • Data Warehousing: They design, develop, and maintain data warehouses that store large volumes of data for reporting and analysis purposes.
  • Data Modeling: They create data models that represent how data is organized and stored in the system.
  • ETL Processes: They design and develop ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes that extract data from source systems, transform it into a format suitable for analysis, and load it into target systems.
  • Data Quality: They are responsible for ensuring the quality and accuracy of data in the system by implementing data validation, cleaning, and enrichment processes.
  • Performance Optimization: They optimize the performance of data processing systems by tuning database queries, improving ETL processes, and implementing caching mechanisms.
  • Cloud Infrastructure: They design and implement cloud-based infrastructure to store, process, and manage large volumes of data.

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