Bussiness Analyst - Credit / Credit Analyst



Nairobi, Kenya
Posted on Thursday, May 30, 2024

In contrast to other analyst roles at M-KOPA that focus on understanding what did or will happen, the role of a Credit Analyst is to answer the “why did it happen” and “what should we do” questions. Which we bucket into three areas:

· Deep dives

· Testing ideas

· Modelling

This role requires a swiss-army-knife skillset as you will jump from one problem to the next and quickly adapt to different datasets, modelling paradigms and commercial contexts.

Imagine a role where your insights directly influence our credit behaviour and performance. Your days will be filled with data analysis, creative experiments, and investigations into the causal drivers of financial issues. Your findings will not only be used internally but will also be shared with our external stakeholders.

Collaborating closely with our Senior Credit Manager, you will provide key insights that drive our credit strategies. Working with credit managers and data analysts, you will formulate, investigate, and answer key credit questions, providing quality analysis that informs management on customer, product, and portfolio credit performance.

Your contributions will extend to developing reports for key stakeholders, including senior management, the board of directors, and investors. Your graphical analysis, presentations, and written communications will be pivotal in conveying the performance and potential of our credit portfolio.

Picture yourself conducting and reporting on experiments and initiatives designed to improve and maintain a healthy credit performance across our customer base. This could involve collections targeting, behavioral nudge campaigns, and other innovative approaches to credit management.

You will also play a key role in developing credit and financial models used by the business. This includes bad debt modeling, debt collection processes, cash flow modeling, and loss rate assumptions, all of which are essential to our financial decision-making processes.

Monitoring and reporting on key performance metrics of our core products and pilots will be part of your daily routine. This includes standard and non-standard forms of portfolio health and delinquency reporting, repayment rates, and other metrics critical to understanding our financial performance.

Liaising with other departments, you will ensure that actions are appropriately carried out to execute key initiatives that drive improved credit performance, reduce risk, and improve accountability. Your role as a Credit Analyst is pivotal in ensuring that our financial strategies align with our organizational goals.

As you embark on this role, you should bring with you 3-5 years of work experience in an analytical role, such as a credit analyst, statistician, data analyst, or researcher. This experience will serve as the foundation for your journey, providing you with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of our credit landscape.

Proficiency in Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and an understanding of statistics and quantitative methods are required. Additionally, proficiency in data analytics and familiarity with visualization tools including SQL, R!, Python is preferred. These tools will be your instruments, enabling you to analyze data, create compelling presentations, and communicate your findings effectively.

Your journey will require credit, data, or financial analysis skills to effectively review and report on key performance metrics. These skills will empower you to uncover hidden insights within our data, shedding light on areas for improvement and guiding our credit strategies

Our hiring process is as much about us selling to you as the other way round. Our hiring process is a series of meetings as follows;

Recruiter call 30 mins - an introduction to the process and M-KOPA

A Technical Exercise - A deep dive into the work you'll be doing

Hiring Team call 45 mins - High level introductions with an Credit team

Task Deep Dive/Final interview 60 mins - This is where most of the magic happens.

If you are ready to embark on a journey where your expertise will shape the future of legal and compliance excellence, join us at M-KOPA. Be part of a team committed to integrity, innovation, and strategic leadership, and make your mark on the future of the company.