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Posted on Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Noora Health’s mission is to improve outcomes and strengthen health systems by equipping family caregivers with the skills they need to care for their loved ones.

Founded in 2014, Noora Health turns hospital hallways and waiting rooms into classrooms by tapping into the most compassionate resources available for the patient’s care: their own family.

With support from governments and partners in India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia, Noora Health has trained more than 3.5 million caregivers across 460+ facilities using their flagship caregiver education and training curriculum, the Care Companion Program (CCP).

In a cohort of patients, the CCP reduced post-surgical cardiac complications by 71%, maternal complications by 12%, newborn complications by 16%, and newborn readmissions by 56%.

Noora Health was honored as a TED 2022 Audacious Project Grantee and recipient of the 2022 Skoll Foundation Award for Social Innovation. Featuring Edith Elliott and Shahed Alam, our Co-Founders and Co-CEOs, Noora Health’s mission took the spotlight at TED 2022 and was also featured in a 2022 Skoll video.

Yayasan Noora Health (YNH) was established in 2023 to implement the evidence based and globally recognized Care Companion Program (CCP).

YNH is affiliated to and works closely with Noora Health, a US based health systems strengthening organization, that designed, developed, and implements the Care Companion Program. The CCP focuses on training and empowering family members of patients across the health system, equipping them with high-impact health skills required to become impactful caregivers to their loved ones and enable their recovery at home. The CCP is currently implemented at >500 health facilities in India and Bangladesh.

YNH will support and assist the Indonesian public health system to implement CCP across city, district, provincial, and national levels, thereby enabling improvements in health outcomes for patients and improved quality of health services and care delivery.

According to Noora Health’s discussions with East Java health provincial office and as per the MoU between Noora Health and District of Pamekasan on Care Companion Program Implementation, YNH will conduct a TOT (Training Of Trainers) for Health workers (Nurses/midwives/bidans) in order to train caregivers across East Java.


The objective of this role is to provide supportive supervision for the healthcare workers that train family caregivers and help them run the program at optimum efficiency. As a Program Associate, you will play a critical role in managing the engagement of the Care Companion Program with our partners.

  • Being a very good problem-solver is critical for this role. You have to be a team player and excellent communicator as well. Since you will be working across multiple geographies you will have to be an independent and creative thinker with no problem taking the reins through to completion.
  • You will have to be someone who loves checklists as a majority of this role involves doing a set of activities repeatedly at high quality and over a period of time.
  • Empathy and a deep desire to understand is important for this role, because you will be supporting nurses who will already be working hard to support families and hence it is important that you really understand them and where their challenges come from in order to support them.
  • You should be able to manage relations with government staff in a sensitive manner at the same time ensuring their training outcomes are met.


Manage end-to-end operations of the YNHI program at identified healthcare facilities (60%):

  • Support Program Managers/Lead Trainers in the implementation and Maintenance of the Care Companion Program. The operations of our program are divided into different phases that include both on-site implementation (requiring travel) and off-site support. You will be closely involved in each of these phases.
  • Be the primary coordinator for a set of partners, which could include both public and private hospitals. This will require client management, people management, analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Represent CCP at programme related coordination meetings and similar activities.

Monitoring of the CCP in partner hospitals (20%):

  • Quantitative Monitoring: Actively monitor the output data for the assigned hospitals and work along with the program manager to address the operational challenges identified during the monitoring process.
  • Qualitative Monitoring: Conduct class quality audits for a randomly selected set of hospitals every month.

Support training of the trainer activities at identified hospital partners (10%):

  • Support the Master Trainers/Lead Trainers in delivering the ToT modules for the different content areas in the local language.
  • Identify the need for booster training sessions and coordinate its logistics.

Program Iterations/Product Testing (10%):

  • Work with our in-house team of designers and content creators to implement our experimental design activities in the hospital partners.
  • Gather feedback on the experiments conducted by the team, supporting them in making various operations/content decisions.


  • The position requires considerable project based travel to various district RSUD/Puskesmas. Travel may be for an extended duration and sometimes require relocation to another district.
  • You will be located in Kabupaten Ponorogo in East Java Province.
  • Language criteria: Indonesia & English (applicant should have fluency in the native language of the province/district and candidates without above-mentioned language proficiency need not apply).
  • Healthcare or management background (MPH, Bachelors of Public Health, Bachelors in nursing, Bachelors in Bidan (S.Keb.), with management background).
  • Proficiency in MS Office/G-drive, common computer applications.
  • Professionals with field level experience in public health management are encouraged to apply.
  • Minimum 2 years of relevant work experience.

At Noora Health, we value diversity, equity, and inclusion, and we understand the value of developing a team with different perspectives, educational backgrounds, and life experiences. We prioritize diversity within our team, and we welcome candidates from all gender identities, castes, religious practices, sexual orientations, and abilities – among many others.

We encourage people from all backgrounds to apply for positions at Noora Health.