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Posted on Thursday, February 29, 2024

Noora Health’s mission is to improve outcomes and strengthen health systems by equipping family caregivers with the skills they need to care for their loved ones.

Founded in 2014, Noora Health turns hospital hallways and waiting rooms into classrooms by tapping into the most compassionate resources available for the patient’s care: their own family.

With support from governments and partners in India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia, Noora Health has trained more than 3.5 million caregivers across 460+ facilities using their flagship caregiver education and training curriculum, the Care Companion Program (CCP).

In a cohort of patients, the CCP reduced post-surgical cardiac complications by 71%, maternal complications by 12%, newborn complications by 16%, and newborn readmissions by 56%.

Noora Health was honored as a TED 2022 Audacious Project Grantee and recipient of the 2022 Skoll Foundation Award for Social Innovation. Featuring Edith Elliott and Shahed Alam, our Co-Founders and Co-CEOs, Noora Health’s mission took the spotlight at TED 2022 and was also featured in a 2022 Skoll video.

Yayasan Noora Health (YNH) was established in 2023 to implement the evidence based and globally recognized Care Companion Program (CCP).

  • YNH is affiliated to and works closely with Noora Health, a US based health systems strengthening organization, that designed, developed, and implements the Care Companion Program. The CCP focuses on training and empowering family members of patients across the health system, equipping them with high-impact health skills required to become impactful caregivers to their loved ones and enable their recovery at home. The CCP is currently implemented at >500 health facilities in India and Bangladesh.

YNH will support and assist the Indonesian public health system to implement CCP across city, district, provincial, and national levels, thereby enabling improvements in health outcomes for patients and improved quality of health services and care delivery.

According to Noora Health’s discussions with East Java health provincial office and as per the MoU between Noora Health and District of Pamekasan on Care Companion Program Implementation, YNH will conduct a TOT (Training Of Trainers) for Health workers (Nurses/midwives/bidans) in order to train caregivers across East Java.


We are seeking a highly motivated, experienced, and collaborative Creative Design Manager to join our Program Design and Development (PDD) department in Indonesia and lead our dynamic Creative Design team. The ideal candidate will work closely with the Program Design Lead, demonstrating excellent collaboration skills. They will be responsible for overseeing the creative direction and execution of health systems projects for our award winning Care Companion Program (CCP) in Indonesia, employing a human-centered approach. The ideal candidate should possess a learning and reflective mindset, capable of understanding user needs (empathy), embracing ambiguity, and confidently translating it into creative projects that align with Noora Health’s mission. This mission aims to improve outcomes and strengthen health systems by equipping family caregivers with the skills they need to care for their loved ones.


Creative Leadership and Collaboration:

  • Within the Program Design and Development (PDD) department and in collaboration with the Indonesia Program Lead(s), lead the development of insights and creative strategies, aiming for innovative solutions that prioritize user needs and experiences.
  • Collaborative strategically with cross-functional teams, aligning creative direction with project requirements, organization’s goals, and user-centric design principles.
  • Actively participate in field visits and user research processes to gather insights and observations. This information will be instrumental in informing design decisions, ensuring that our designs are grounded in real-world user experiences.
  • Lead, manage, and learn alongside a team of creatives including visual designers and illustrators. Uphold high-quality standards that drive behavioral change for improved health systems in Indonesia.

Project Management, Art Direction, and Quality Oversight:

  • Lead the conceptualization, ideation, and prototyping phase, steering the creation of diverse visual concepts and prototypes that prioritize user experience and engagement.
  • Direct the creation of original, high-quality illustrations and visual design elements that align with project goals and brand guidelines for multiple platforms.
  • Manage budgets, timelines and resources effectively to ensure project delivery within established timelines and scope.
  • Meet deadlines effectively while communicating design concepts and ideas across teams. Ensure all artwork reflects the desired emotional connection and user-centric approach while maintaining superior quality standards.
  • Stay abreast of industry trends, emerging techniques, and software advancements. Foster continuous skill development and optimize user-centered design methodologies.


  • Proven Experience: A minimum of 7 years proven experience working in a creative role, with at least 2 years experience managing visual/UI designer and/or illustrators. A substantial portfolio and expertise in multidisciplinary design, specifically in applying Human-Centered Design (HCD) and Design Thinking methodologies within the creative sector. Experience and understanding of the Indonesian health system will be considered a plus.
  • Collaborative Mindset: Demonstrated strong collaborative skills, with the ability to work across diverse teams effectively. Capable of communicating, motivating, and mentoring teams toward human-centered thinking.
  • Commitment to Learning and Improvements: Demonstrate a dedication to continuous learning by remaining open to new insights, perspectives and feedback. Embrace discussions about failures as opportunities for growth, consistently seeking improvements aligned with the broader mission of Noora Health to strengthen health systems in Indonesia.
  • Project management skills: Excellent project management and organizational skills. Capable of leading and coordinating design projects, managing deadlines, and ensuring the delivery of quality products aligned with the nuances of the Indonesian health system and user requirements. Strong attention to detail to ensure precision, quality, and relevance in project delivery.
  • Creative and Design Expertise: Exceptional creative thinking, problem solving, and decision-making abilities centered around user needs and experiences. Comprehensive understanding of design principles, typography, color theory, and layout design. Focus on creating solutions tailored to address the unique needs and challenges within the Indonesian health system.
  • Proficiency in Design Tools: Proficiency in design software/tools, including mastery of Adobe Creative Suite and other other industry-standard design tools. Familiarity with content management systems applied to projects tailored specifically for the Indonesian health landscape.
  • Language skills: Fluency in both English and the Indonesian language is crucial. showcase cross-cultural communication skills vital for collaborations and understanding and empathizing with Indonesian users within the health sector.

At Noora Health, we value diversity, equity, and inclusion, and we understand the value of developing a team with different perspectives, educational backgrounds, and life experiences. We prioritize diversity within our team, and we welcome candidates from all gender identities, castes, religious practices, sexual orientations, and abilities – among many others.

We encourage people from all backgrounds to apply for positions at Noora Health.