Operations & Fundraising Officer



Sales & Business Development, Operations · Full-time
Posted on Friday, September 8, 2023

We’re seeking an operations generalist who will be responsible for delivering and strengthening Suvita’s general operations and fundraising functions.

The role will be a mixture of:

  • maintaining core functions and improving existing systems (50%)
  • building new systems that don’t exist yet (50%).

You will encounter systems that have been in place for a while - so you should be skilled at quickly onboarding and executing them, as well as identifying opportunities for further improvement that have the greatest impact. You will also encounter many novel tasks or problems for which we don’t yet have an established protocol - so you must be comfortable charting a course under uncertainty and bringing in your Bayesian mindset.

You will coordinate regularly with the co-founder Varsha Venugopal on fundraising-related activities and will report to the Head of Finance, Legal and People Ops, Mario Pinto. Your responsibilities will include supporting them in the areas below. In practice, this would imply doing the initial groundwork and then discussing the outputs with them for sign-off.

Finance and Legal (~50%)

Assist the Head of Operations with the following activities

  • Annual financial and legal compliance for our UK and Indian organizations including annual returns and audits.
  • Monthly accounts and management reports preparation.
  • Management of contracts and subscriptions.
  • Management of purchases, payments, and bookings.
  • GDPR/ data privacy-related compliance steps.
  • Research, and drafting of financial and legal policies such as expense reimbursement, equipment, travel policy, reserves policy, etc.,

Fundraising  (~35%)

  • Prospect Based on a robust understanding of Suvita’s programmes and value proposition, build and maintain Suvita’s grant tracker of potential funders and opportunities through regular research. Shortlist opportunities and Request for Proposals in consultation with the cofounder Regularly update Suvita’s pipeline tracker (which tracks the expected value of raised funds).
  • Coordinate the proposal development process Brainstorm with the cofounder ideas and approaches to requests for proposals. Build on the above discussions to write initial drafts of proposals. Organise proposal writing timelines to ensure there is a comfortable amount of time for feedback and review.
  • Track and Report on received funds Coordinate with the Head of Operations to ensure received funds are tagged to appropriate budget lines and track spending. Support communications and reporting to donors including setting up a system to ensure regular touch points.
  • Develop relevant communication materials In line with Suvita’s guidelines on communication, coordinate and support the drafting and organisation of a quarterly “friends of Suvita” update, biannual newsletter, and presentations and pitches to advisers, funders, and governments.

Organisation Operations (~15%)

  • Organise board meetings (coordinate with trustees and the leadership team to set the board meeting times and agenda, write notes and action points during the board meetings, and follow up as needed).
  • Coordinate with senior team members on updating organizational risks.
  • As needed, support the research and set up a project management system for internal communication and coordination among team members
  • Overall, understand the current state of systems and then critically think if the systems are needed and how they can be run with minimum friction.
Suvita is an equal opportunity employer.