NGCA Technical Specialist



Democratic Republic of the Congo
Posted on Tuesday, June 25, 2024


VillageReach transforms health care delivery to reach everyone, so that each person has the health care needed to thrive. We develop solutions that improve equity and access to primary health care. This includes making sure products are available when and where they are needed and primary health care services are delivered to the most under-reached. Radical collaboration with governments, the private sector and other partners strengthen our ability to scale and sustain these solutions. Our work increases access to quality health care for more than 79 million people in Africa. VillageReach in incorporated in Washington State and has offices in Seattle (USA), Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, and Mozambique.


VillageReach is seeking an experienced Technical Specialist to support the implementation of immunization intensification strategy in order to stop CVPDV1 transmission in Tanganyika province. He/she will work closely with the Provincial team, and the technical groups involved in the implementation of activities. He/she will work seamlessly with local partners to provide quality technical assistance in river strategy, immunization supply chain; data collection and analysis.


Essential Responsibilities include the following; other duties, responsibilities, and activities may change or be assigned at any time:

  • Coordinate and oversea the work of VillageReach provincial staff and consultants in Tanganyik
  • Coach and mentor consultants and immunization special teams in river strategy
  • Lead immunization intensification:
    • Coordinate monthly provincial coordination meetings with all stakeholders
    • Coordinate weekly performance review meetings with all stakeholders in each targeted Health District
    • Coordinate monthly monitoring in the targeted health areas
    • Organize monthly visit of the two MCA to the field to support the river activities
    • Organize quarterly visit of the Provincial Health Director (CD) to communities and health facilities to support the river activities
    • Coordinate midterm review of the activities with all 8 targeted health districts
    • Provide technical assistance in the organization of vaccination sessions using tailored strategies for populations living in hard-to-reach areas
    • Coordinate monthly local supervision missions of special vaccination activities by members of the health district management team
    • Coordinate quarterly supervision of river vaccination activities in each targeted health district by the EPI branch
    • Organize direct distribution of vaccines and other EPI inputs.
    • The collection of essential logistics data from the various direct distributions in databases per health districts and per provinces for the development of dashboards.
    • Sharing feedback from the analysis of dashboards of vaccine distribution data and other immunization inputs to all stakeholders in the supply chain.
    • Co-develop corrective measures in the supply chain after analysis of the related data (replenishment, adjustment, etc.).
  • Collaborate with other partners in the identification and recovery of zero-dose and under-vaccinated children
  • Collaborate with other technical partners and local organizations for demand generation for vaccination
  • Monitor the status of Mashako Plan implementation, identify constraints and opportunities, and submit strategies to address constraints and other challenges.
  • Ensure the follow-up of the realization of monthly inventories at the level of the storage sites during EPI supervision and the encoding of the data in Excel bases at the health district level.
  • Ensure the follow-up of the transmission of the bases of the monthly inventories of the Health Districts’ storage sites at their respective EPI Antennas to support the preparation of the next vaccines allocations based on evidence
  • Follow-up on orders for vaccines and other vaccination inputs sent by the EPI Antennas to the EPI Logistics Division
  • Build and strengthen collaboration with DPS, EPI Antenna, Health Districts and other local partners.
  • Produce a monthly report that outlines all the activities conducted
  • Perform other tasks as needed
  • Personal Motivation and Drive: Is self-directed in one’s approach to work, but asks for help when needed; holds oneself accountable; undertakes self-development activities; seeks to build and master new skills; looks for and takes advantage of opportunities within the organization
  • Collaboration & Effective Communication: Establishes and maintains effective relations with coworkers, partners & stakeholders and external parties; works collaboratively with others to accomplish organizational and team goals and objectives; works actively to resolve conflicts; expresses ideas and thoughts effectively; selects and uses appropriate communication methods and maintains meaningful communication with virtual coworkers and other parties to keep them informed
  • Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion: Takes personal responsibility for and supports others across the organization in creating and sustaining a diverse work environment where individuals are welcomed, valued, respected and supported; personally committed to attaining cultural competency including self-awareness of one’s own attitudes about culture and cross-cultural interactions; exhibits the willingness and ability to engage openly and respectfully around issues of race, colonialism, identity and culture; upholds equity in access to sharing of information, ideas, and opportunities throughout VillageReach
  • Commitment to Excellence: Produces a high output of work, both in terms of quality and quantity; looks for ways to improve and promote quality; monitors work to ensure quality; has a personal commitment to the mission of VillageReach
  • Solution Orientation & Innovation: Focuses on results and desired outcomes and how to best achieve them; gets the job done; sees opportunities for creative problem-solving while staying within the parameters of good practice; sees old problems in new ways and has novel approaches to solving those problems; contributes original and/or resourceful ideas to their area of responsibility; is able to consider and articulate risks and consequences of proposed innovations and factor these into decision-making