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People & HR
Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Posted on Friday, October 6, 2023
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Are you a change maker who wants to play a pivotal role in restoring vision for millions of people in low-income settings across India? Would you like to work for an organisation that is a pioneer in social impact practices?

We are seeking a highly motivated, dynamic, and self-driven candidate who would like to have a challenging and meaningful career path in Human Resources (HR) and the social sector. HR is a key focus area at our organisation and requires a proactive and dynamic approach. The candidate must be dedicated and sincere towards her/his work and should always be open to learning new things. The candidate must have in-depth subject matter knowledge, expertise, and experience. Timely and high-quality delivery of goals would be essential and will be a key performance measurement criterion. S/he will manage employee relations and grievances and ensure consistent and reliable execution of HR programs and policies. S/he will work closely with the department heads/managers on matters related to implementation of policies, managing employee relations, increasing, and measuring employee satisfaction, resolving issues related to employees, and hearing, engaging, and motivating employees. S/he will be based out of Delhi NCR (Noida), India.

About You

  • You know how to work with people across departments and engage effectively across functional boundaries.
  • You have a vivid vision for organisational growth. In a high growth environment, you are planning employee engagement and program and policy implementation well in advance.
  • You are an effective networker and a patient listener and build a strong connect with the employees at all levels.
  • You rely on data and use expertise to measure staff engagement and success of the programs and policies.
  • You are fueled by listening to people and helping and serving them.
  • You have a special talent for flawless implementation of programs and policies for the benefit of the employees.

About Us

  • We are creating access to eyeglasses for low-income people. Clear vision creates opportunities for increased learning, work, safety, civic participation, and quality of life.
  • As a social organisation, social change motivates us first. Our focus is on advancing our mission objectives - to increase functioning, productivity, and income earning potential for our low-income people by correcting impaired vision with eyeglasses.
  • We are working to transform the systemic dysfunction which has failed to deliver eyeglasses - a 700-year-old technology - to approximately 55 Crore people in India in need of vision correction.
  • We serve low-income people who are more than beneficiaries to us. The people we serve expect high-quality eye-screenings and eyeglasses.
  • To efficiently scale, we must deliver each new unit with less cost.
  • We run our operations on metrics and social impact measures. We leverage a range of processes and practices to get the work done.
  • We believe in scaling our impact, not our organisation. We are a lean team of doers.

What You’ll Do

Policies and Programs:

  • You will assist with the maintenance of HR processes, policies, and processes as per the organisational guidelines.
  • Assist with the execution of the delivery of all HR practices and initiatives towards building employer brand.

Values And Culture

  • Be the values champion of the organisation and focus on building a strong organisational culture by encouraging adherence to organisational code of conduct and policies.
  • Find ways to establish the organisation's culture so that it supports the realisation of the organisation’s goals and promotes employee satisfaction.
  • Help to develop a ‘mindful’ culture to embrace and reflect change and drive high performance in a fast-paced environment.

Employee Relations, Counselling, And Communication

  • Onboard new employees to the organization and provide the support they need to get inducted into the organization.
  • Address people issues across the entire employee cycle.
  • Provide support and counselling to employees on all employee-related matters, including disciplinary matters, policies, benefits, and others.
  • Foster a conducive working environment through employee engagement activities and proactive communication.
  • Participate in investigations when employee complaints and/or concerns are brought forth.
  • Keep the entire organisation updated proactively on all HR initiatives and policies.

Employee Engagement

  • Assist in the implementation of employee induction plans, programs, and workshops.
  • Assist in the implementation of employee engagement programs and celebrations to create a positive, ethical, collaborative, and effective work environment.
  • Assist with the implementation of employee engagement programs, conduct employee satisfaction surveys, collate reports, and work on increasing employee satisfaction.
  • Ensures employee participation in organisational initiatives and build an employee communication and feedback loop by conducting periodic organisation-wide meetings, one-on-one meetings, and feedback sessions.
  • Implement employee offsites, workshops, and trainings to ensure positive team spirit and bonding between employees and build a culture of collaboration within and between teams and departments.


  • Ensures that employees have clear understanding of their statutory obligations.
  • Be the point of contact for current and former employees for the PF withdrawal and transfer processes.
  • Communicate, manage, and resolve all HR statutory and compliance related queries from employees.
  • Proactively communicate changes and updates in HR statutory and compliance to employees.


  • Master’s Degree or MBA from a reputed institute required.
  • At least 6 to 8 years of professional experience.
  • Excellent communication skills in English and Hindi.
  • Willingness to travel extensively within India.
  • Must meet the highest standards of ethics and personal integrity.

Compensation And Benefits

  • Salary based on experience and education.
  • Competitive benefits, including health insurance and generous vacation time.

To Apply

  • We want to know more than just what you have done. We want to know who you are. What are the passions and talents that draw you to this role?
  • Please submit an application, including a thoughtful cover letter and your CV/resume, to: Please ensure there is a short description of each organisation on your CV/resume. Include your last name and “Assistant Manager, People and Culture” in the subject line.
  • Please note that only candidates to be interviewed will be contacted.
  • Evaluation of qualified candidates will include an assessment exercise, which will be followed by a competency-based interview.
  • We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.