Marketing Manager: Eventing, Advocacy & Community



Administration, Marketing & Communications
Johannesburg, South Africa
Posted on Thursday, September 7, 2023
Who We Are

Yoco was founded in 2015 and now processes over US$2 billion annually. We’re the payments provider for over 200 000 self-employed, and opening commerce for all. We’re breaking down barriers and unlocking economic opportunities that enable people to thrive.

We have over 350 team members globally, operating across international markets, all with a bias for boldness, and a passion for simple, progressive solutions. We believe in uniting different people to solve hard problems together.

Our mission of making society more equal takes a variety of people, with different backgrounds and points of view, so we can keep building solutions that work for and include everyone.

Yoco is growing, and as we grow we have compelling challenges ahead of us.

Growing means we’re enabling more self-employed people and businesses to thrive every day. It also means that ambitious problem-solvers with big ideas are challenged, stimulated and will thrive at Yoco.

We don’t stop pushing, we break things to rebuild, we challenge ourselves and each other. We’re constantly evolving — and we’re doing it fast.

Grow With Us.


Key Responsibilities

Oversee all four pillars of Community at Yoco
  • Eventing 2) Advocacy 3) Partnerships and sponsorships and 4) Influencer Marketing
Work closely with the social media engagement team to ensure we are constantly close to the Yoco community, what their needs and challenges are and weave this into Yoco community activity and communication

Oversee the Rental Reader model from a brand perspective, this includes, managing requests, providing brand support when there is a sponsorship aspect or branding opportunity, working closely with Key Accounts on the overall direction of the model

Lead the advocacy marketing program - build workflows and channels to identify, recruit, track, develop core advocates, and enable advocates to share their stories via case studies, reviews, reference calls, referrals, and content

Develop a comprehensive database of advocates and customer success stories that can be used externally to support the sales cycle, marketing activities, PR, analyst relations, and strategic partnerships/collaborations

Build and execute campaigns to drive retention, education, advocacy, and community growth within our existing customer base

Provide regular reports on the effectiveness and status of Advocacy Marketing and constantly improve.

Develop strategies and tactics to get the word out about Yoco and drive traffic, brand awareness and brand trust.

Define and build a well-articulated eventing strategy for Yoco, clearly pinpointing the role of events as a brand-building and lead-generation tool, and ensuring clear metrics and success measures are in place.

Conceptualise and deliver an engaging calendar of both in-person and virtual eventing, including but not limited to Yoco Meets, Yoco Workshops, Yoco Next and Yoco Exchange.Events that create buzz and bring the Yoco brand to life.

Work closely with the Content and Creative teams to ensure strong social media buzz for all events and ongoing packaging and distribution of content created through eventing.

Oversee Sponsorships and Partnerships - this includes setting a strategy and KPIs for sponsorships and Partnerships, reviewing requests that come in, and executing the selected sponsorships or partnerships.

Build relationships with influencers in the Small Business ecosystem, and work closely with them across key product launches and brand campaigns


Key Requirements

You have at least 8+ years of client-facing marketing experience.

You have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications or a related field.

You are willing to travel up to as needed

You are familiar with advocacy community platforms, such as Influitive. Strong project management skills and ability to use data to guide decision-making and resource allocation

Hard-working, self-starter with a willingness and eagerness to learn

Actively participates and collaborates with others across teams to achieve business goals

You understand the daily entrepreneurial hustle.

You have managed large marketing budgets across multiple channels and have deep experience with integrated campaign and content planning and execution

Organized, ambitious, and high-energy that can embrace and navigate a fast-paced, ever-shifting environment

Ownership mentality and proven ability to meet deadlines, work collaboratively with others, and ensure high-quality deliverables

Able to manage a team and work closely with agency partners to execute on large-scale events and projects

The People We’re Looking For

We’re looking for people who want to grow. And as Yoco grows we hope they stay with us, long term

Building things that make society more equal is a daunting task. And it’s not for everyone. We never stop pushing, we break things to rebuild, and we challenge ourselves and our teammates. We start over, we constantly evolve — and we do it fast. We know that it’s just the right kind of meaningful madness for our kind of visionary human.

So, who are you? You’re someone who resonates with our mission, but also our values, when it comes to how we work.

You’re a curious problem-solver with a passion for doing good. You’re bright and grounded, experimental and bold. You play open cards and get stuck in. You’re not afraid of change. You close the loop.

At Yoco, we love to laugh, cherish each other’s quirks, and be authentic.

Find Out More About Who We Are Here.

Please note that this is a remote-based position and we are open to applications from candidates based in South Africa, the Netherlands, Egypt, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates and the UK.

We encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds to apply and ask that you please send your application in English and help us reduce unconscious bias by leaving out your picture, age, address, and other unnecessary information in your CV.